Saturday, April 1, 2000
Jen's party was overflowing with cool people; I made many new friends.
I can't express how appreciative I am of Jen's generosity.
Cosmopolitans were my drink choice of the evening. I'm sure I didn't have more than three. Pretty sure.
Mostly we danced in formless, flowing groups.
I immediately hit it off with Lunesse and DLJ. I could talk to them for hours.
When I first met Satya, she was sitting next to Afsal at the bar. We spoke about the benefits of having a sibling as a roommate.
Jane and June both looked great and Jane laughed when I told her that I was a reader of her journal.
Eleanor was having entirely too much fun with my shirt.
I wished I could have spoken more with: Michael, Trish, Jay, Beth and Mar.
I later discovered that John Geraci and his friend inadvertently crashed the party. Strangely, I didn't see them.
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