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Player Pick
Becky Arkham Horror (do not own)
Beej No pick
Ben No pick
Brina Carcassonne: P&D (also Cat. 5 -quick game BGG#432)
Chris Robo Rally
Darby No pick
DavidA Time Pirates
DavidK Citadels
DavidM Blue Moon City
Devin Ra
JohnB Settlers of Catan - Historical Scenarios
JohnH No pick
Kelly Seafarers of Catan
Linnea Once Upon A Time (or whatever it\'s called)
Matt Wiz-War
Mike No pick
Nate Burn in Hell
SamI Elfenland
Scott Betrayal at House on the Hill
Seth Colossal Arena (but do not own)
Shannon Arkham Horror
Steven Goa
Vy No pick
Wendy Tales of the Arabian Nights