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October 27, 2004

The Red Sox finally made their saving throw against the curse of the evil warlock, Babe Ruth.

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October 19, 2004

Last Saturday was our monthly Game Day.

Participants: Me, Brina, Paula, Seth, Becky, Mike, Sam, Garrick, DavidM, Bryce, DavidK, Linnea, Cindy

Castle of Magic
Players: Me, Brina, Paula, Mike, DavidM, Sam
This was the first time any of us had played this game. It was rather long and we didn't even feel like finishing it. Especially since the other people had played three other games already. I thought it was interesting, but pretty slow. I have a book of variations that I'd like to try—maybe they fix a few of the problems. I did like the fact that we used plastic drink animals instead of the pawns that were included. Sam used a giraffe with a monkey on its back.
Winner: Incomplete

Cthulhu 500
Players: Seth, Becky, Garrick, Bryce
I glanced over a few times to see demonic vehicles trying to pass each other.
Winner: ?

Players: Seth, Becky, Bryce, Cindy
Always a fun game. Interestingly, Seth and Becky had missed a sort of important rule. I tried screwing them up by pointing it out in the middle of the game, but they somehow managed to keep playing.
Winner: ?

Players: Me, Brina, DavidM, DavidK, Mike, Linnea
This was good practice for the upcoming election because it was insane an arbitrary.
Winner: Linnea

Once Upon a Time
Players: Seth, Becky, Me, Brina, Mike, DavidM, DavidK, Linnea
We told a story as old as the hills -- you know, the story where a sword that can swim through the air pits brother against sister in two quests involving retrieval of ancient artifacts and the knitting of a two hundred foot scarf.
Winner: Mike

Spinergy (It's not about spines)
Players: Me, Brina, Linnea, Mike, Seth, Becky, DavidK
Another funny storytelling game in which you have to speak on a certain subject, being sure to include three words that have been chosen at random. Somehow, photosensitive hedgehogs figured prominently in many of them.
Winner: Linnea

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October 12, 2004

Puffy AmiYumi has the same number of syllables as Timothy McSweeney.

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I saw Puffy AmiYumi at The Fillmore last night. I first heard about them when I found out that they did the theme song for the Teen Titans.

According to Japan Today (thanks for the link, Melanie), most Japanese bands don't hit it big in the U.S. unless they can sing in English. I say, Fuck English! If a band rocks, they rock in whatever language they happen to speak. Personally, I can't understand most of the lyrics I hear when they are sung in English anyway.

At a couple of points in the show, Ami and Yumi read from speeches they had prepared in English. It was very cute. I even enjoyed the banter between them and their band (drums, guitar, two (2!) basses, and keyboard) in Japanese, even though I understood only a small portion of it.

They really rocked. They did actually play Teen Titans, which brought the house down, but their other songs (sung mostly in Japanese) were just as excellent. Luckily, I have lots of room on my iPod for them.

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October 11, 2004

I like the succintness of the clock's gong when it strikes 1:00—especially in contrast to the sixteen notes of the song that precede it.

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October 10, 2004

Brina and I have inadvertently taught our cat, Weasley, to catch. Although his attitude seems to be one of "What? I've always been able to do this."

Good kitty (.avi)

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