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September 27, 2006

Leek Spin

Leek Spin describes a portion of my soul.

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September 26, 2006

Mars Needs Women

The name "Marian" isn't too far from the word "Martian".

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September 13, 2006

Game Day, September 9, 2006

Participants (11): Me, Seth, Becky, John, Tristan, Darby, Ryan, Alan, Dan, Greg, Christian
Place: Seth and Becky's Place

Thanks to Christian for coming to Game Day all the way from Germany!

Players: Me, Becky, John, Tristan
I'm always surprised when I hear that some people haven't played this game before. It's really a great game and I think it's well on its way to becoming a classic. This was Tristan's first time playing, and I always enjoy teaching it. Of course, Tristan is one of the fastest game learners I've ever seen and he ended up winning the game. This was an extremely close game, though -- we each came very close to winning. Becky likes to lay low and pretend that she's doing horribly -- she almost got us.
Winner: Tristan

Category 5
Players: Darby, Ryan, Alan, Seth, Dan, Greg, Christian
Ryan is the only person I know that thinks that this game is better with as many people as possible. He wants to try it with ten sometime. Man, that would be chaotic. You almost might as well play your cards randomly at that point. Greg was the official winner, but the other players wanted me to note that he came in late and therefore hadn't accumulated as many penalty points as the other players. Greg, of course, was quick to point out that he did better than any of the other players for two rounds in a row. We may need a rematch.
Winner: Greg

Tales of the Arabian Nights
Players: Me, John, Seth, Alan, Christian, Tristan, Greg
This game is always a hit. Seth thinks that no one likes it, but we all love it. Who wouldn't love a game based on "Choose Your Own Adventure"?? Seth had to drop out after a while, so Greg took his position. I think at some point he turned into a man-beast and tried to court a hunchback. How many games have that situation?
Winner: Me, John (tie)

Players: Ryan, Darby, Greg, Becky
Oooh, pretty cards!
Winner: Greg

Secret Tijuana Deathmatch
Players: Me, Seth, Becky, John, Christian
This game had to be played based on the title alone. Great art and characters. Game play is fairly beer and pretzelly, and it's definitely worth another few plays. I find that most Cheapass games have better themes than actual game play, and that's true of this one. But there are a few intricacies that deserve more exploration. John suggested that it might be a good strategy to recruit the lowest valued wrestlers that you can. That does ring true. Let's try it sometime.
Winner: Me

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