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February 12, 2008

Food-Time Awareness

If I set out chips and dip for a party and then don't put them away before I go to bed, when I awaken the next day I usually throw them out because they're probably "bad". However, if I stay awake the whole night, I'm fine with eating them all night and even the next morning. It's almost as if the food stays good as long as I'm there to monitor it. But if I leave the food alone while I'm asleep, only then will the microbes and bacteria sneak out and destroy the food.

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February 05, 2008

You'd Think I'd Be in Favor of Random Voting

I think that people should have to explain their votes on their ballots. If they just say, "I picked the one on the top," their vote shouldn't count.

I don't understand the whole momentum phenomenon. How can momentum be a deciding factor for a voter? And yet if a candidate starts emerging as a winner, it does seem that people start jumping on the bandwagon. Sometimes it seems that it's of utmost importance to some people to have voted for the winner. It's almost like a bet. They consider their vote to be a guess of who's going to win, not an endorsement of a candidate that represents their values.

"I picked him because I saw a lot of his supporters jumping up and down with signs today." Nope. Disqualified.

"I voted for him because a lot of the early states seem to be going his way." Sorry.

"I voted the way I did because I want the war in Iraq to end, I believe that every adult should have the right to marry the person they love, and I want universal health care." Okay then.

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