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January 20, 2005


When I see something written in French, saying it out loud often helps me to understand it.

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January 19, 2005

Searching for Randomlife

Here are the search terms that hit my site for December, 2004:

caught flashing
eyeball tattoo
the most important person in the whole wide world
david andreasen
carrie carson
balsamic vinegar stain
blue diamonds on a green field
hard drive squeaking noise
shirts completely unbuttoned
and you hardly even know you
how to unclog a shower
spinergy game
linda babel
shoe fly pie
jim irey

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January 16, 2005

Game Day, January 1, 2005

Participants: Chris, Beej, Mike, Shannon, Vy, Devin, Steven, Me, Brina, Matt, Paula, DavidK
Place: Brina and Davy's place

Robo Rally
Players: Me, Chris, Devin, Steven, Matt, Shannon, Vy (dealer)
This game suffered a little from leader breakaway syndrome -- Chris got out in the front and stayed there, unscathed, until the end. Next time, we want to try putting shields around the flags to slow the leaders down a little. Either that or make everyone do a shot whenever they are shot.
Winner: Chris

Dungeon Quest
Players: Me, Chris, Beej, Matt
As soon as Beej walked in the door, I held this game up and said, "This is your pick." I know how much of a Dungeon Quest fanatic Beej is. We recognize our own. This was an unusual session in that three of the four players survived! Chris was the only one to make it to the dragon's lair, but he was also the only one who died. What's the moral of this story?
Winner: Beej

Once Upon a Time
Players: Mike, Shannon, Vy, Devin, Steven, Brina, Paula
Winner: Shannon (x2), Devin

Players: Mike, Shannon, Vy, Devin, Steven, Brina, DavidK
Winner: Mike and Steven (tie)

Players: Me, Steven, Shannon, Vy, Matt, DavidK
I think everyone came pretty close to winning at the same time. Not uncommon in this game. I'm inspired to become a chrononaut when I grow up.
Winner: Me

Early American Chrononauts
Players: Me, Steven, Shannon, Vy, Matt, DavidK
The Shiny, Clean Time Machine changed hands several times in quick succession—so quickly that it didn't even have a chance to get used much. I guess that's how it stays shiny and clean.
Winner: Matt

Players: Me (Deputy), Steven (Renegade), Matt (Outlaw), Brina (Sheriff), DavidK (Outlaw)
When Brina's the Sheriff, it's a wild town. The Sheriff is just as likely to kill you as to kiss you. Of course, when Brina's involved, you don't much care. Congratulations, Steven, on the Renegade win. That was the first time I've seen that.
Winner: Steven

Carcassonne: The Castle
Players: Mike, Beej
Winner: Mike

Players: Me, Brina, Steven, Matt
This is a fairly quick game with a few interesting strategic choices. It's a good one to pull out when the Game Day candle is burning low. It also challenges you to believe that a gold tooth is a fashion accessory.
Winner: Me

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January 12, 2005


Weasley seems to think I pulled out the DDR pad just for him. He might be able to hit the Right arrow with his tail, but he's going to have a real problem with the Down arrow from that position.


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January 10, 2005

C is for Kookie

The letter "C" is stupid.

It feels weird trying to explain to a non-native English speaker that there are rules to explain when a C makes a K sound and when it makes an S sound (having to do with things like whether or not the C is followed by certain vowels, for example). And that you just have to memorize the inevitable irregular cases.

The next question is always, "Then why don't you just use a K when it makes a K sound and an S when it makes an S sound? Why use the C at all?" Why that would be... perfectly logical, come to think of it.

However, there is another weird use for a C -- CH. The CH sound doesn't really have anything to do with the C sound or the H sound. But if we got rid of the letter C, we'd have to do something about the CH. I suppose we could keep the C as long as it's always followed by an H, but hey -- why don't we just use the C by itself for the CH sound! Aha! Let's try a few words:

chop = cop
lunch = lunc
church = curc

It looks weird, but I think we kan handle it. Let's all work together and uses K and S instead of C, and use C for CH. Maybe it'll katc on.

Next week: "ough"

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January 06, 2005

Long Hair

My hair is getting so long that I actually felt it move as I walked.

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