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February 15, 2005

RandyCon '05

Brina (Jordan) and I (randomlife) went to RandyCon on the weekend of February 4. I could have sworn I took more pictures than this, but I guess I got caught up in all the debauchery and revelry. RandyCon is a weekend of gaming, drinking and eating with great friends that I wish I could see more often. It's in Chicago in February and it's purpose is to celebrate Randy's (Famous') birthday. Yes, I know—who would willingly go to Chicago in February? I've tried to convince Randy to change his birthplace to Hawaii, but he's stubborn in this.

We know we're in the right place:

Michi (BugRoger) finds a place that he belongs:

Watch out for the car, little blind boy!:

I liked the rocks outside our hotel room window:

Brina gets her nails ready for RandyCon!:

For our first game at RandyCon, we played Spank the Monkey—see I told you there was debauchery:

Brina received a gift from Dana (Skeeve) and MaryEllen that made her invisible. You can't see her, can you?:

Here are Brina and 2/7 of Jesse (mallemaroking). Normally, Jesse only allows 2/9 of herself to be seen at any one time. This is my favorite 2/7 of her:

A rare, full-body (relatively) viewing of Jesse and Esther (Raupe). They are discussing a career in balloon animals:

Michi and Vy think a career in balloon animals is absurd:

Randy always gets classic movies as birthday gifts:

John (Carneggy), Devin (Devilcrayon), and Randy get ready for some serious gaming:

Jesse and Kevin (Kestrel) are the saddest mariachi band ever:

This is why people go to Chicago in the Winter—Lou Malnati's pizza:

A cozy game of Sherlock Holmes starring Randy and Brad (Trouble) center stage:

Court (BattleCheese) is always angry when he eats. His wife, Lisa, knows not to disturb him:

Lovely dessert. I didn't get one:

MaryEllen (sitting) and her bodyguard, Jesse:

Dana's (Skeeve's) mother comes by to stop all the rabble-rousing:

Michi and Kevin—the two coolest guys around:

Delicious hash browns from Walker Bros.:

This shows how much of Jesse's breakfast she ate before the waiter even let go of the plate:

Andy (Zomulgustar) and Jeanette (jeanettic) plan their next moves:

This is Ra. I saw it being played a lot over the weekend:

A typical session of Das Amulett. Either that, or a highly unusual session:

Rachel, Brad, and someone who never existed mess with the timeline in Chrononauts:

The lovely Brina takes a quick trip into the future:

Early American Chrononauts. Oh no!—half the timeline is missing!:

Michi looks on as Ellen (Professorbooty) demonstrates the sharpness of her teeth:

Jesse waits in the hotel lobby for someone to offer her a margarita:

Michi: "Brina and Zach (perlmunkee) are planning to attack me, aren't they? I'll show them":

Kevin can guess the contents of any Kinder Egg:

How can any group of people live up to this coolness?? Michi, Kevin, Esther, Brina, Jesse, MaryEllen:

Carcassonne—The City. So fucking cool looking:

Michi plays Katamari Damacy as Brina and Esther watch. MaryEllen and Dana (Skeeve) call for help.:

Freakiest game ever:

Colossal Arena. Who's winning? Your guess is as good as mine:

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February 10, 2005

Both Sides of Death

Currently, in the evening before I go to sleep, I'm reading a book about how to live forever (Fantastic Voyage : Live Long Enough to Live Forever by Ray Kurzweil). On the way home from work, I'm reading a book about what happens to your body after you die (Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach).

There are weird crossovers between the two. They both talk about fat cells. In one, the author writes about how fat is created, what it's used for in the body, and why to avoid consuming too much of it. In the other, the author describes how maggots and bacteria feast on the subcutaneous fat after a body dies.

I feel like I'm getting a very weird perspective on life.

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