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April 12, 2005

Happy Fish

I probably misheard this, but I could have sworn I heard someone say, "Fish don't worry." You know what would be great? www.fishdontworry.com. It's available. Go get it.

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April 03, 2005

Game Day, March 12, 2005

Participants (16): Steven, DavidM, Cindy, Daniel, Me, DavidK, Ryan, Shannon, Vy, Darby, Nate, Will, John, Brina, Linnea, Bryce
Place: DavidM and Cindy's place

Betrayal at House on the Hill
Players: Me, DavidK, Ryan, Shannon, Steven, DavidM
Many people were anxious to give this game a try. Tile laying + haunted house = cool. We found out later that we had misinterpreted some of the rules, but we still had a great time. I think this is a game that will get played a lot at upcoming Game Days. Steven was the traitor (I could have guessed that)—he was a little girl that had lured us into this place so that we could be the main course for her and her cannibal fiends. Luckily, Steven never used the "tastes like chicken" joke. He eventually overpowered us, but I'd like to try that scenario again with the "real" rules.
Winner: Steven

Titan: The Arena
Players: John, Darby, Will, Nate
I had thought this game was a remake of Titan, but it turns out that it's a remake of Galaxy: The Dark Ages. Or, at least it looked a lot like Galaxy. I like Galaxy a lot, so I'd love to try this game.
Winner: John

Players: Ryan, Vy, Shannon, Nate
Vy was nice enough to introduce Canasta to those of us that had heard of it (I'm sure almost everyone), but had never learned how to play. I'd still like to learn it. It sounds like it would go well with drinking scotch. I don't know why I think that.
Winner: Vy and Shannon (team)

Ticket to Ride
Players: DavidK, Darby, Brina, John, DavidM
I didn't see this game being played because they were up on the top level of the loft. However, I definitely heard a blood-curdling scream at the end. I listened for a second and thought, "Hmmm... that was definitely Darby. She must have gotten totally screwed." Sure enough, I heard later that DavidK vaulted into the lead by taking tracks that were crucial to Darby. Normally, he's so nice!
Winner: DavidK

Players: Me, Will, Steven, Linnea
Unfortunately, Will had to leave before the end of the game, so it's hard to say how the game would have eventually turned out. We tried to run Will's position as if his amoebae had suddenly become rather passive, but we made a few mistakes. And Steven made a mistake of his own that he couldn't really recover from. We decided to stop playing, but I had a comfortable lead and was declared the winner. By that time, my amoebae were fast and vicious. Like little shrews.
Winner: Me (projected winner)

Pirate's Cove
Players: Darby, Nate, DavidM, Bryce
I didn't get to see this game being played, but it's nice to know that Darby won. I think she was crushed last time we played and I stated that her dreams of becoming a real pirate might not be practical. She certainly proved me wrong.
Winner: Darby

Betrayal at House on the Hill
Players: Me, Shannon, Ryan, Steven, DavidK
This was the first time that the same game won the play vote on the same day. Everyone was intrigued by the play mechanics and varied scenarios and wanted to try it again. This time, DavidK was the traitor and he was causing us all to age prematurely. We had to stop him before we died of old age. I think every sci-fi show has an episode with this plot. I don't like being a grup. Anyway, we misinterpreted a rule again, which basically let all the players max out their stats early in the game. Hmmm, let's try that one again.
Winner: Everyone except DavidK

Players: Bryce, Darby, Nate
Bryce walked Darby and Nate through a few rounds of this game. He's always modest, so I showed them the cards that Bryce had done the artwork for.
Winner: ?

Players: Me, Ryan, Steven, DavidM
This game seems to be about seeing who's the best at building clocktowers that are uninfested with mice and cats. But my question is, why are mice and cats so interested in the time?
Winner: Steven

Family Business
Players: Me, Ryan, Bryce, Steven, DavidM
A classic card game that I had never played before. I liked it—it was similar to Guillotine. I always enjoy games with exciting endings. As the game was winding down, it was impossible to call. Anyone could have won on the last turn. Ryan squeaked out a win—but then he's pretty obviously the one of us with the most mob ties.
Winner: Ryan

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