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March 18, 2005


Yesterday, I married my best friend. Brina and I had a wonderful, sweet ceremony at the Alameda County Recorder's Office, with both of our mothers as witnesses. She and I looked into each other's eyes as we said our vows, and it was such a special day.

I've never felt so close to anyone before; it felt so natural to proclaim my love for Brina. We've already been living together and sharing our lives, but there's something about standing up in front of the world and really promising to continue. It's like the difference between talking about a flower and holding it in your hand.

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March 15, 2005

I woke up in the middle of the night and looked at the clock. It said 4:04. My first thought was that it was an error message:

404 - Time not found

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March 03, 2005

Hump Day

Last week in the carpool, a woman asked what day it was. When we told her Wednesday, she quietly said, "Oh, Hump Day." She said it as if the phrase "Hump Day" had more significance in her day-to-day life than the word "Wednesday".

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March 01, 2005

Game Day, February 12, 2005

Participants (22!): Linnea, Me, Chris, Darby, Matt, Becky, Daniel, Devin, Scott, Nate, Shannon, Seth, Vy, Ryan, SamI, Wendy, Mike, Bryce, Kat, Brina, John, Rachel
Place: Vy and Shannon's place

Wow, this was the biggest turn-out ever! Muchas gracias to Shannon and Vy for putting up with the inundation by welcoming us all and making homemade soup.

Pirate's Cove
Players: Linnea, Me, Chris, Darby, Matt
This game is always fun. It's light and chaotic, with just enough oomph to keep everyone excited and interested. Matt and Darby got wailed on in almost every round, while Chris got off scott-free a lot. Linnea went through a lot of parrots.
Winner: Chris

Den of Thieves
Players: Becky, Daniel, Devin, Scott, Nate, Shannon, Seth
It doesn't surprise me that Becky won this game, even though I know nothing about it.
Winner: Becky

Players: Linnea, Me, Chris, Mike, Darby, Matt
Fluxx is a nice game to just pick up and not really think about, while visiting with other players. Often, you will win without even realizing it. Such is the case when there are twenty people milling around and lovely snacks and drinks to be had.
Winner: Mike, Darby

Burn in Hell
Players: Me, Darby, Matt, Seth, Nate, Scott
The cards in this game were hilarious, witty, and informative. However, I felt the gameplay left something to be desired. Granted, none of us were familiar with the rules, having never played before. So, we might have missed something. I'd be willing to give it another chance, but I liked Darby's suggestion of keeping the main player as the focus for trades. Anyway, we got to watch Seth make a Circle of Lust.
Winner: Seth

Players: Shannon, Becky, Ryan, Devin, Linnea, Mike
I'm always happy to see new people get introduced to Carcassonne. It's one of my all-time favorite games. However, I heard that some couples don't play it together because it gets to too contentious. Why can't all the Meeples just get along?
Winner: Linnea

Wiz War
Players: Chris, Matt, Me, Bryce
This game is high. I had played it once before and it was Matt's first time, but Chris and Bryce were pros -- as they quickly showed us, by mopping the place up with us. Bryce threw me into a dead end and then bricked it up behind me. This may have actually worked to my advantage because then I was out of the line of fire for a long time. The game ended by Bryce picking up my last treasure and carrying it to his lair. Unfortunately, he was losing life points with every step and he just so happened to run out at the exact time he reached his lair. Did he die at the same exact time that he won? Hmm. Where's a rules lawyer when you need one?
Winner: Indeterminate

Players: Kat/Brina (team), John, Seth, Scott
Kat and Brina worked as a team in this 4-player game and did quite well. In fact, they decided in the second game to make a personal goal of reaching 50 points. Since they did reach that goal, they decided that Scott's actual win shouldn't even count.
Winner: 1st game: Kat/Brina, Scott, and Seth (3-way tie), 2nd game: Scott (suspended, pending litigation)

Players: Mike, Devin, Rachel, Ryan, Shannon
Winner: ?

Colossal Arena
Players: Scott, Chris, Seth, John
Loser(?): Scott

Players: Matt, SamI, Linnea, Bryce, Me, Wendy
Ah yes, more Fluxx. The palate cleanser of board games. We played four times because it kept ending before some players had even taken a turn.
Winners: Wendy, SamI (x2), Linnea

Give Me the Brain
Players: SamI, Linnea, Bryce, Me, Wendy, Matt
Maybe six players is a little too much for this game. It did kind of... go on for a while. I think it's fun in a random kind of way. Who doesn't like to picture brains slipping and sliding around?
Winner: SamI

Players: Linnea, Bryce, Me, Brina, Matt, Wendy, SamI
Sheriff Linnea kept the order well in our little town. She often opened up the General Store and let everyone partake of something nice and shiny. I don't rightly know why I became an Outlaw, but I suspect it was that little twitch her mouth gets right before she smiles. I can only take so much of that.
Winners: Linnea, Bryce, Matt

Great Brain Robbery
Players: Mike, Shannon, Ryan, Chris, John
Winners: Shannon

Early American Chrononauts
Players: Seth, Becky, Chris, Mike, Me
We came close to destroying the entire universe a couple of times, but I suppose you can say that about any Game Day.
Winners: Mike

Players: Vy (moderator), Shannon, Me, Wendy, SamI, Becky, Mike, Seth, Ryan
You know who runs a great game of Thing? Vy, that's who. You should invite her to your next shindig, if only to run a game of Thing. Shannon got killed off in the beginning because... well that's what happens to Shannon. I like this game, but it's a little too abstract. There's just not enough info to go on, especially since even after you logically figure out that someone is not a Thing, the next night they could be. But it's fun in a random, let's-see-what-happens way. Plus, I do like arguing my way out of a bind.
Winners: I forget -- I was dead by that time.

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