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July 17, 2006

Prisoner Exchange

Here's another thing that I'm not understanding. Hamas said that they would release the Israeli soldier they captured if Israel releases the Palestinian women and children that it has imprisoned. What's the story with these women and children? I can't find any reference to them anywhere online. Does Israel really have Palestinian women and children in prison and if so, what are they guilty of?

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July 06, 2006

This is Only a Test

I don't really get why the world is up in arms (pun intended) about North Korea testing its missiles. If we're upset that they even have missiles, that's one thing. But we've known about their missiles for decades. Plus, every country in the world has missiles. If they're allowed to have missiles, why can't they test them? All they're doing is shooting them into the ocean. If we want to bring them up on pollution charges, so be it. Otherwise, I believe that if any country is allowed to have missiles, they should be allowed to test them.

Of course, I also believe that countries shouldn't even have missiles. However, I understand the strategy of the best defense is a good offense. Fine. Just don't shoot them at people. Shoot them into the water from time to time to make sure that they're working, just don't aim them at cities. Cleaning up after them would be nice, too.

Is there something that I'm not getting here? Is testing missiles more worrying to the world than just having them in the first place?

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