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July 06, 2006

This is Only a Test

I don't really get why the world is up in arms (pun intended) about North Korea testing its missiles. If we're upset that they even have missiles, that's one thing. But we've known about their missiles for decades. Plus, every country in the world has missiles. If they're allowed to have missiles, why can't they test them? All they're doing is shooting them into the ocean. If we want to bring them up on pollution charges, so be it. Otherwise, I believe that if any country is allowed to have missiles, they should be allowed to test them.

Of course, I also believe that countries shouldn't even have missiles. However, I understand the strategy of the best defense is a good offense. Fine. Just don't shoot them at people. Shoot them into the water from time to time to make sure that they're working, just don't aim them at cities. Cleaning up after them would be nice, too.

Is there something that I'm not getting here? Is testing missiles more worrying to the world than just having them in the first place?

Posted at July 6, 2006 11:05 AM


My take on this issue is that the USA wants to make sure it has the most power in the world (thanks to the arrogant Bush administration). I agree that we shouldn't have any missles or weapons of (not just mass) destruction. That includes guns! In my opinion any means of being able to blow living organisms to pieces from a distance was invented by unnecessarily angry/destructive humans that feel they are too weak to win a battle mano-a-mano. I would love to see Bush in a fistacufff with other world leaders!

Davy, I don't know if you remember but when you kids were little I didn't allow real or pretend guns, etc. in the house. I'm glad it had a positive affect on you.

I also believe this current bruhaha about North Korea's weaponry is yet another ploy that the Bush allegiance is using to distract people from the real issues the world is facing now. The same type of ploy they are using to making a big deal out of 'illegal' Mexican migration into the USA. This 'problem' has been around for a long time. Why make it look like it's a big problem only now?

One more thing, explosions kill thousands of living things in the ocean and permanently rearranges the landscape in the ocean. Just because we can't see it from the surface doesn't mean it doesn't. Like thinking that pushing a button to set off an explosion from the other side of the world to kill the 'bad guys' doesn't include killing innocent living things and rearrange the land in the sea. Our oceans are vital to the survival of everything on this planet, as far as we know. Besides, what did the sea life ever do to us to deserve that kind of treatment. Poor fish, etal!

Wow, I said far more than I planned. Just know that I am very proud that my children are peace promoters!!


Posted by: sassysue [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 7, 2006 06:38 AM

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